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The Royal Geographical
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RGSQ Membership

The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland promotes the study and science of geography and encourages a greater understanding and enjoyment of the world around us. The society is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that brings together and welcomes people from all walks of life who share an interest in this fascinating planet. Joining the Society provides numerous benefits and is a meaningful way to contribute to the field of geography.

Networking Opportunities and Online Forum/Community

RGSQ is a community of geography professionals and like-minded people united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. Membership provides opportunities you need to keep up to date.

The Member Forum provides a platform to exchange ideas, discuss topics of interest, share resources and collaborate. To get the most out of your membership join in and feel free to make suggestions about what you would like see on the web site, what are your interests, where would you like to visit, what topics would you like to learn more about.

The Young Geographers Facebook group is a space for young geographers, recent graduates and early to mid-career geography professionals to network, socialise, explore career pathway opportunities, inspire and support the next generation of geographers.

Access to Resources

The RGSQ has a library holding 3582 books, all catalogued onto RGSQ’s eHive online catalogue system. In addition the library holds approximately 105 journal titles comprising 3000 volumes which are slowly being added to the online catalogue. Members can borrow books from the library.

Local, National and Overseas Trips for Members Only

As an RGSQ member, you'll gain access to unique itineraries that combine educational insights, expert-led tours, and behind-the-scenes experiences unavailable to the general public. Whether journeying through remote landscapes, engaging with local communities, or delving into historical landmarks, RGSQ's member-only travel promises enriching adventures that foster a deeper understanding of our planet's diverse geography and cultures. See where we have been in our Past Events.

Member only Competitions

Run for the first time in 2020, the members' only Photo Competition has become a much anticipated event in our annual calendar. The Photo Competition is an event designed to showcase the creative talents of our members. This competition encourages members to capture and share their best photographic work on a particular topic, with opportunities to win great prizes and gain recognition within RGSQ - it also fun! For past entries and winners, visit RGSQ Photo Competition.

Volunteer Opportunities 

    Volunteering with RGSQ offers a range of meaningful opportunities for members to contribute their skills and expertise. Whether you're interested in joining a committee, assisting with specific projects, or supporting events and and activities, there are numerous ways to get involved.

    Our members' participation is highly valued and plays a crucial role in the Society's work to advance geographical knowledge. It is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with your fellow members and other other like-minded people. If you'd like to get involved please visit the Committees page or email us at

    Discounts and Savings

    Members are offered early access at discounted rates to all events and activities.
    The society, at times, establishes beneficial arrangements with partner organisations, for example, on travel.

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