The Society publishes material to help teachers promote geography, monographs and a newsletter. We also publish online opinions pieces under Geopinions.

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  • Cravens Peak Scientific Study Report. 2007. 402p
  • Queensland Geographical Perspectives. 2006. 247 p.
  • Safe, Sustainable and Secure Communities by Ken Granger, paper delivered as the 2003 J.P. Thomson Oration. 2005. 29 p.
  • Gulf of Carpentaria Scientific Study Report. 2005. 390 p.
  • White Mountains Scientific Study Report. 2003. 146 p.
  • Antarctica: a Conducted Tour from Ancient to Modern by S.L. Kirkby, paper delivered as the 2002 J.P. Thomson Oration. Bound with Undara: the Longest Known Young Lava Flow by P.J. Stephenson, supported by the Ken Sutton Trust. 2002. 50 p.
  • Braving the Bull of Heaven: Drought Management Strategies, Past, Present and Future by R.L. Heathcote. Bound with Societal Benefits from Seasonal Climate Forecasting by Roger Stone. Papers delivered as the 2000 and 2001 J.P. Thomson Orations. 2002. 54 p.
  • Herald Cays Scientific Study Report. 2001. 168 p.
  • A Continent for a Nation?: Environment-Identity Convergences in Australia, 1901-2001, by J.M. Powell. Bound with Dividing Societies: the Socio-political Spatial Implications of Restructuring in Australia, by Robert J. Stimson. Papers delivered as the 1998 and 1999 J.P. Thomson Orations. 2000. 41 p.
  • Musselbrook Reserve Scientific Study Report. 1998. 343 p. (out of print)
  • A Study to Investigate the Geographical Literacy of Queensland School Students, by Rod Gerber. Report of a stratified study of primary and secondary students in Queensland schools, examining the knowledge, skills and values that constitute the students' geographical literacy. 1993. 79p.
  • Cape York Peninsula Scientific Expedition Report. 1993. 2 vols. (Vol 1 available, Vol 2 out of print)
  • Geography in Society: a Case for Geography in Australian Society. Twenty-two short articles on the relevance of geography, grouped under the headings: Geography at Work, Geography for Everyday Living, Geography for Education. 1992. 92 p.
  • Technology Education and Geography in Australian Higher Education, by Rod Gerber. Report of a survey of university geographers' understanding of, attitudes to, and use of technology. 1992. 41p.


  • The Bulletin - a monthly newsletter that is included with Society membership.
  • Queensland Geographical Journal. Published from 1885 to 1993. Some back issues are available. Contact the Society for further information.