For Students

Why On Earth Study Geography?

Geographers address real-world challenges. Forget about memorizing rivers and cities! Sure, you'll learn where Ewa Beach is, but it will be while you learn about the Pacific Tsunami Warning System. Geography encourages us to carefully and efficiently manage our resources for ecologically sustainable development. What does this mean for a high school student? Leaving school prepared to be a citizen in today's world, knowing the issues that face our planet, what people are doing where, and how you can be involved. Geographers study the where, when, what, why and who, so you'll leave school prepared for a career that's relevant today.

It's your world, shouldn't you know a little bit about it?

If you're a student embarking on high school in Queensland, you may be wondering what subjects you'll study and where they'll lead you. Most schools teach Studies of the Society and Environment or Geography in the junior years as one of the key learning areas. This will give you the opportunity to "try geography on" and see if you enjoy it. Here are some compelling reasons to study Geography as an Authority subject in Years 11 and 12, and some frequently asked questions about studying Geography.

So you've chosen geography, and it's time for uni – what now? Or maybe you didn't, but wish you had – that's OK, you can still study geography at university. There are plenty of excellent universities in Queensland that can prepare you for an exciting, rewarding career in geography.

Who knows where you will end up?