2016 at RGSQ

August Lecture: 2 August, 2016, 7:30 pm

"Gregory House," 237 Milton Road, Milton


"Cobb & Co. Comes to Queensland" 

 presented by Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell is the Curator of the Cobb + Co Branch of Queensland Museum located in Toowoomba. He has been with the Queensland Museum for nearly 30 years and has worked on over 100 exhibitions during that time. Jeff’s most recent exhibition - “Cobb & Co comes to Queensland, 1866” - marks the 150th anniversary of the company in this state. Jeff has written extensively on Australia’s transport history, and has answered literally thousands of enquiries about Cobb & Co and the technology and history of the ‘buggy era’.

‘Cobb & Co in Queensland’ will provide a ‘go to whoa’ history of the Company. Queensland was the Cinderella colony in 1866 in comparison with Victoria and New South Wales, with far less wealth and few obvious opportunities for investment. The challenges, and limitations, presented by distance, topography and climate were even greater than Cobb & Co had experienced in the southern colonies. Yet Cobb & Co expanded to form a ‘national network’, long before Australia became a nation. Jeff will also look at how new electronic media such as TROVE provide researchers with information at their fingertips, often leading to a re-evaluation of histories such as that of Cobb & Co.

Day Out: Pond to Plate - 18 August Thu 

Meet owners of Cherax Park Aquaculture farm, Peter and Ethel Moore, and join an informative and enjoyable 1 hour farm tour covering all aspects of Redclaw aquaculture. Savour the taste of a delicious 2 course Redclaw lunch served country style on the verandah of their Queenslander home.

Ken Sutton Memorial Library Group 29 August Mon, 9:00 am to 11:30 pm, "Gregory House," 237 Milton Road, Milton.

Map Group - 1 August Mon, 10:00 am, "Gregory House," 237 Milton Road, Milton.

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